Remembering the Key Palace Theatre

What I’d give for one more Saturday night
For so many Saturday nights, Charlie Noble’s Key Palace Theatre in Redkey IN was the place to be.
It was easy to take the place for granted, since everyone knew the owner was a true blues fan, and that he would never let anything stand in the way of a great show. He rebuilt the 1950’s theater himself and personally hosted every show.

What’s up with the new site?
I’m Allan, I was one the people who used to run sound at the theater. I also used to do this site for Charlie. Charlie was a friend.
After Charlie’s family stopped having shows, the site was left to drift. We all understand that sometimes things just can’t continue as they are, and I for one am pleased that they were able to continue Charlie’s idea for as long as they could. God bless those folks!
But, if shows have stopped, why should the site stop? I for one would like to remember the the theatre, but above that- remember the guy who made it all happen.

I have load of great photos, memories and stories- and so do all of you!
My idea is to make this site a permanent memorial for the place, the fans, the volunteers, the musicians and Charlie himself. For the time we had it, we all had something very special. Musicians from all over the world would wind up in the 200 seat theater and entertain us. So unless plans change, I’ll be updating this site semi-regularly, and I’d like to share any memories, photos or stories that past visitors to the theater would like to send.