Facebook page may go away, join the Key Palace Blues Group!

I got an email from Facebook the other day, this is what it said

Facebook is asking if the theater is open or closed.

I’ve not responded yet, I wanted to make a group so everyone could keep in touch in case the page goes away.
I suggest everyone join the group “Key Palace Blues” in the event that the main page is taken away.
I won’t lie, as far as I now the place is still closed. BUT- I’ll do my best to keep this site and the facebook page going in memory of what great music was made, and what our friend Charlie accomplished.

I know there are lots of folks who still love the place and would like to be kept up on what’s going on there, as well as news and information about the great blues acts who played there over the years. I for one, don’t want to lose touch with my extended “blues family” and that’s why I’m working to keep this site going.
As Charlie would often say ” Keep the Blues Alive”!

Allan 12-7-2013