Lost in the ozone with George Frayne, Commander Cody

Who looks more whacked out in the ozone, me or Commander? I love this picture, LOL!
Truly a rock and roll legend, I was thrilled at being able to work with this guy. I made no bones about the fact around the theater for weeks that “Hot Rod Lincoln” had been one of the early guitar 45’s lying around our house that really got me excited about the guitar as a kid. Bill Kirchen, who I didn’t get to work with, had played that oh so twangy stuff on the recorded version.

That said, the current guitar player for the Commander Cody Band, Mark Emerick left a major impression on me every time they played. His mix of hot county and rock leads, plus knowledgeable chord work ends up being a heavy hitting combination that puts him in league with almost anyone. And a great tone. Working with Mark left me ready to take on the telecaster, and not a moment to soon.