A unique perspective from David Weyant

Fellow Key Palace fan David Weyant was kind enough to send in some photos of the theater. Thanks David, I know everyone must be enjoying the photos as much as I do!

`Most everyone knows that originally the Key was a working movie theater. While Charlie added to and improved the stage and remodeled the place, one thing that stayed the same was the original projection booth. The whole place was kind of ¬†concrete, very utilitarian, with an additional room (for storing movie reels, one would presume) just past the room where the projector must have went. Basically nobody ever got to go up there, it was off limits by order of Charlie himself, since he treated it as his “inner sanctum” and private space. Although I helped at the theater for years, I can count the number of times I was up there on one hand (usually to retrieve an item Charlie wanted, or on a few occasions setting up video equipment). It was always a very cool thing to have the “birds-eye view” of the place- and to imagine what movies must have rolled there back in the day. So journey back, and check out the view most folks never got to see, thanks again David!