Remembering the January-May 2003 Season

Remembering the January-May 2003 Season

Ok, this was an awesome season at the Key Palace. I worked this season as sound man and I still consider myself lucky- so many great legendary blues stars (and so many friends!).

The program in the back mentions Charlie going to the Handy Awards, which he did. I have a most happy memory of being in the lobby at the Orpheum in Memphis and seeing Charlie hanging out with the blues stars, just cutting up and seeming to be having the time of his life.
Although we were lucky to have seats up in the rafters, we knew Charlie was probably backstage flirting with the ladies, digging the line up and hanging out with the rest of his old friends in the blues.

Who knows what fun Charlie had that night? The world may never know the full story…

We ended up not very sober on Beale that night, and I’m pretty sure Larry Garner was playing at one of the clubs. There were lots of musicians on the streets, just digging the scene, like Anna Popovic, who of course is tough to miss. I remember sharing a drink, a happy smile and a few nice words with Gaye, from Saffire, while watching Bob Margolin at some club.
We  talked long into the night with some folks in our hotel hallway, maybe or maybe not members of the Birmingham Blues Society, since we were all far to intoxicated on booze, blues and vibe to possibly sleep.

This was one of my favorite seasons, people seemed to be happy at the shows, Charlie seemed to be having fun.
I’m sure in one way or another, I’ll talk about it for as long as I live.
Remember that season that I mixed for Jimi’s brother-in-law? Gee-wiz, how lucky can ya get and still have the blues?

“If you haven’t heard about the `Key by now, talk to someone who has!” ¬†-Allan

Photos by Carey Hays.

The flyer/program for the Jan-May 2003 classic season at the Key.

Tommy Castro, Rex Miller All Star Blues Band, Willie Kent, Anthony Gomes, Spike and the Bulldogs, Walking Catfish Blues Band, Shemika Copeland, Terrance Simien, Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band, Dog Talk, Eddie Shaw, Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, Stacy Mitchhart, Big Al and The Heavyweights, Sean Costello, Guitar Shorty, Roger Hurricane Wilson, Larry Garner, Ronnie Baker Brooks.