Remembering Fall 2002 Schedule | Key Palace Theater

Remembering Fall 2002 Schedule | Key Palace Theater
Big James kicked this season off with a big start, it was a great season for horns! I was a brass player in school, probably because of that  I’ve always enjoyed mixing for bands with horn sections. I seem to remember Charles Walker had to cancel, much to everyone’s disappointment. Michael Burks brought a blistering set that season. Stacy Mitchhart always brought down the house after filling it, another great performer with an always great horn section.
I’m not sure, but I think this might have been the first season for Anthony Gomes, who would appear often from there on. Can anyone else confirm this or not?
Leon Redbone was another highlight, he and I had a great discussion at sound check revolving around frequencies and equalization. I’m pretty sure Leon Redbone has spectrum analyzers for ears, maybe the display is wired into his glasses?

Keep the blues alive!

September-December 2002 Schedule
Big James and the Chicago Playboys, Southside Denny, Charles Walker, Blue Lou Boil Band, Junior Watson, Stacy Mitchhart Blues You Can Use, Big Mike and the Booty Papas, Anthony Gomes, Rockin Johnny Band, Dog Talk, Michael Burks, Mississippi Heat, Little Charlie and the Nite Cats, Spike and the Bulldogs, Duke Tumatoe & the Power Trio, Leon Redbone, Michael Holloway, Bob McVay, Howard & The White Boys.