New Years Eve with Rust Belt Drifters, Forrest Friends, Indiana Ramblers Dec. 31 2017

Rust Belt Drifters, Forrest Friends, Indiana Ramblers
Dec. 31 2017

General Admission10.50 USDNew Years Eve at the Key Palace Theater - Indiana Ramblers, Yes Dec. 31 2017
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About Indiana Ramblers (from facebook)
We are the Indiana Ramblers band specializing in Bluegrass/Americana/Acoustic music. We are based out of Portland Indiana. We all come from different musical background so we are really diversified when it comes to genres of music. We play bluegrass, country, folk, and rock with our own acoustic twist to the music.
Rust Belt Drifters (from facebook)
Jason- lead vocals, guitar, and head of house for the Rust Belt Drifters

Jason’s love for bluegrass music and traditions began at an early age, as he recalls spending countless cold Indiana days sitting with his grandpa in his old Crown Vic listening to traditional bluegrass tracks. As his grandpa was also a bit of a local fiddle celebrity, it was only a matter of time before Jason started picking.

With a distinct tenor, Jason’s voice was made for bluegrass. Pair that with his Martin and slightly dimpled smile, he can really bring down a house of blues- blue-haired ladies, that is.

Jessica- bass, vocals, and mother hen

Jessica started singing in church at a young age, and although music was never a primary endeavor, it always lingered in the shadows. She has a passion for various styles of music, but when she met Jason and was introduced to bluegrass tunes, she knew she met her match (in Jason, too). After a few years serving as a bluegrass player’s wife, she found herself at the helm of an upright bass.

Armed with her bass, affectionately referred to as Big Bess, you can expect to hear her vocals rounding out harmonies, occasionally belting out a lead, and always offering sarcastic retorts.

Gracie Mae- fiddle and sugar

Gracie is by far the sweetest member of this outfit. At the age of 11, she got started on the fiddle, and hasn’t stopped since. With an affinity for traditional Irish and American fiddle tunes and about every variation of bluegrass, she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

When she’s not playing, you’ll likely find her with her nose in a book and/or eating something sweet- or bacon. This kid really likes bacon.

Murphy- band mascot
If you’re lucky, you may have the chance to encounter the lovable, yet crazy high-strung band sidekick. He’s really tried to make crunching water bottles a part of the band’s signature sound, but it just hasn’t worked out for him.